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Pedigree For:

Ch. Chinookwinds Midnight Magic


Can. Ch. Chinookwinds Rebel Ryder Wee Hearts Stacked Deck Doo-Shay's Mystic Macgyver Southland's Tar-Baby's Image
Southland's Toasted Scarlet
Wee Hearts Nutra Sweet Annon's Ebony Mark II
Wee Hearts Happy Sugar Smack
Wee Hearts Shainy Jan-Shar's Chargin To Win Am. Ch. Bev-Nor's Southland Rambo
Jan-Shar's Magon's Top Notch
Wee Hearts Shadee Ladee Annon's Marquis De Tartan
Annon's Cricket Catcher
Am. Ch. Wee Hearts Lady N Black Dee-Lantas Sir Jon Of Lennis Am. Ch. Lennis' Tar Son's Image Am. Ch. Lennis's Tar-Baby-Of-Great-Elms
Tigger Little Tonya
Lennis's Dazie May Of Tar-Baby Am. Ch. Lennis's Tar-Baby-Of-Great-Elms
Lennis's Lady Of Hadleigh
Wee Heart's Ashaunti Am. Ch. Scotia JD's I'm The Pied Piper Am. Ch. Scotia W Girl Little Joe Dandy
Am. Ch. Sungold's Dee Dee
Sully's Shady Lady Smiths Dunking Fredie
Allens Misty Dawn