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Pedigree For:

Chinookwinds I'm Lacy Too


Chinookwinds Clear Hills Echo Can. Ch. Chinookwinds Rebel Ryder Wee Hearts Stacked Deck Doo-Shay's Mystic Macgyver
Wee Hearts Nutra Sweet
Wee Hearts Shainy Jan-Shar's Chargin To Win
Wee Hearts Shadee Ladee
Wee Hearts Heidi Am. Ch. Wee Hearts Bit Of Gold Dust Am. Ch. Shirwood's Golden Nugget
Sanibel Snaffle
Wee Hearts Snuggle Bear Sir Bassezz
Wee Hearts Lullaby Of Scotia
Chinookwinds Chantilly Lace Doo-Shay's Mystic Macgyver Southland's Tar-Baby's Image BIS BISS Am. Ch. Bev-Nor's Toasted Fudge
Am. Ch. Southland Happy Birthday Bil
Southland's Toasted Scarlet Am. Ch. Bev-Nor's Toastmaster
Precious Janesa Gem
Cheyenne's Chantilly Lace Ch. Cheyenne's Timstopper Also Am. Ch. Great Elms Models Timstopper
Models Sweet Lellani
Ch. Cheyenne's Uninhibited Rusty Ch. Timmy Timstopper Of Lenette
Great Elms Susanna Of Lenette